"Moderate Abstraction" is the term Marie Louise has adapted to describe her acrylic painting. Fascinated by the shapes and colors of nature, she builds up repeated layers of glazes to replicate the perfect smoothness of fruit. This glazing method she discovered from studying works of Maxfield Parrish:
I went from dark, dense, opaque works to lighter, translucent washes and finally glazes. From childhood my favorite illustrator has been Maxfield Parrish: not for his famous blue, but those glorious, golden shades of palaces and faraway lands. After an intense reading of his methods, I proceeded to mix my own glazes and apply them coat by coat. It is a slower process, but I love the result.
Most subjects are prosaic choices, but others are based on dreams and visions. She listens to classical music while painting (in a former life, she was a classical music announcer for PublicRadio). Music makes a direct impact on the artwork. "Bach brings out precision. Wagnerian opera and Phillip Glass lead to wild brush strokes. Schubert makes me settle down and get it done and Beethoven takes me over the top." Find out about the latest methods she has used in an article from Panache Magazine